Climate Change


  1. Climate change is real and yes, it is man-made. Even federal scientists are backing that. Not the politicians.
  2. It is stupid for businesses to avoid making more energy conscious products. In a five to ten years time they will loose their market shares and go bankrupt.
  3. The only ones benefiting temporarily from other companies not investing in energy efficiency, is oil and coal companies. However, that is also a short term reality. Solar and wind is already cheaper than fossil fuels.
  4. U.S. will loose an opportunity to be the leader in the world. Most likely to China.
  5. The U.S. militarily forces are dependent on knowing what is happening with climate change. This is because it will affect their planning of bases, shipments, weather patterns, opening up ship traffic north of Russia etc.
  6. The insurance companies need to know what is likely to happen because they are setting rates for houses being built and for disasters.
  7. Planners for all states that are close to sea have to plan for what to do when the sea level rises. This is already felt in Louisiana, Florida and California. In Florida officials are no longer allowed to say climate change, but they are going to feel the changes over the next 20 years.
  8. The climate change effects will only worsen if we keep using oil and gas as we do today. We need to reduce the pollution.
  9. The CO2 levels are affecting the nutrion in the plants. Hidden shift of the ionome of plants exposed to elevated CO2 depletes minerals at the base of human nutrition.

What would be a wise approach for the U.S.?

Obviously the only way to go is forward. The oil and coal barons of the past will either have to adapt and go in to solar and wind projects or they will be out of a job. Here is what I would do as the CEO of an oil company:

  1. Get an analysis of how oil usage will go if you look forward.
  2. Look at the prospects of all the solar and wind companies that are around. Get expert opinions about the different approaches to harvesting them. The southern states have a lot of sun. The north, more wind. What about mixing technologies?
  3. Buy or join some of these companies and invest in states where the potential is the biggest for income first.
  4. Sell and install for home owners and power farms. The more legs to stand on, the better.
  5. Track markets, nations and continents and see where future investments are worth going in to.
  6. See if it is worth it to go in to projects that might not give a profit today, but testing of new technology might give experience for other markets.


Below is a link to old research on climate change research. You can download the article here.

Research and science

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Federal report blames humans for global warming and its effects

The full U.S. federal report is here. Please let me know if it is taken down from the site. I have a copy.

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Hidden shift of the ionome of plants exposed to elevated CO2 depletes minerals at the base of human nutrition.

Polar areas

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A project to map Greenland’s coastal glaciers and fjords is under way and the initial results are in. New maps depict Greenland’s coast at an unprecedented level of detail.

The results so far indicate that Greenland’s west coast is more vulnerable to ocean melt than the east coast, according to OMG team member Mathieu Morlighem from the University of California, Irvine, speaking to the Washington Post.


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