A selection of stories from The New Yorker’s archive: Revisiting “Silent Spring”

is a big topic and we have broken it down in specific pages for each area.

EPA – Environment Protection Agency

Climate change

Clean water

is under attack these days by the new administration.

It all started out by removing the ‘Stream Protection Rule’ that was installed to stop coal companies from dumping coal in streams. To most Americans it would sound logical to stop mine companies from polluting streams. There are people living further down that would be affected. Not to mention animals and forests that will be affected. And the rule would only affect about 124 jobs. However, the rule was removed in February 2017.

“Appalachian Voices, an environmental group, estimates that coal companies have buried over 2,000 miles of streams in the region through mountaintop removal mining since the 1990s. And there’s growing evidence that when mining debris and waste gets into water supplies, the toxic metals can have dire health impacts for the people and mostly rural communities living nearby.”


The next one on the chopping block will not be so easy to remove. This one is already approved, but held in courts at the moment. Then Pruitt will have to come up with a better plan that is scientifically based. Without EPA’s scientists I am not sure how he will be able to do that!