This section will cover all forms of equality (or inequality). We don’t make a difference whether it is gender, income, color, sexual etc. Below are some articles that shows the diversity that we have in this world.

Mildred and Richard: The Love Story that Changed America

Alaska’s Female Fishermen (Yes, That’s Really a Thing) On Gender Labels, Finding Zen and Weathering Life’s Storms

Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Linked to Reduction in Suicide Attempts Among High School Students

Women slavery in the U.S.

Thoughts, believes and behavior that is creating slavery for women are so common around the world that it will take some generations to change it. In this section I will bring some articles and thoughts that I have found.

The Sexist Pseudoscience at the Heart of Biology

For centuries, zoological law taught that sexual inequality was inevitable. Then women began studying Darwin for themselves. For years, studying zoology made me feel like a sad misfit. Not because I loved spiders, enjoyed cutting up dead things I’d found by the side of the road, or would gladly root around in animal feces for clues as to what their owner had eaten.

Personally I think that the women not being equal in the U.S. Constitution is what is holding back the most urgent changes to prosperity for the country. The rights they would get:

  • Equal pay to men
  • Control their own body

What they would lose??? Please let me know.